Sustainable Hemp Solutions for Every Business

Finally, real sustainable marketing solutions

Thanks to hemp, promoting your brand with custom marketing collateral no longer needs to be a burden on the environment. 

Our custom-tailored business solutions are built to make the transition from conventional marketing materials to hemp as smooth as possible.

When your business chooses hemp, you’re showing the world that you can operate sustainably without sacrificing quality and you’re sending a message up the supply chain that you’re ready for more planet-friendly solutions. 

Our Services

Print Management

If you're too busy to manage the sometimes dozens of variables that go into one print job, our print management service can help

Sourcing & Procurement

Looking for a specific hemp product or hemp-based material? Our hemp procurement experts are here to help.

Product Development

If you're looking to develop your own hemp products but aren't sure where to start, you've come to the right place.

Design Proofing

Not sure if your logo or design is print-ready? Need a second set of eyes to check the bleed and centering? We've got you covered.

Fine Art Printing

We print art, illustrations, and photographs on hemp fine art paper using carefully calibrated professional photo printers

Branding Strategy

We'll develop a comprehensive hemp-based branding package featuring a curated selection of hemp print & apparel products

Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM)

Want to send hemp postcards to every home or business in a designated area? EDDM is an ideal solution for you.

Fine Art Printing

We print fine art illustrations and photographs on a select lineup of hemp fine art papers. We'll even restore your old photo scans and reprint them on hemp.

Print Management

We manage the logistics of your hemp print jobs so you can stay focused on running your business.

Looking for hemp-based print & apparel for your business?

Our custom-branded hemp products combine the utility and aesthetics of conventional goods with the superior performance and sustainability of hemp.

By providing businesses with sustainable hemp-based versions of the products they use most, we’re bolstering demand for the hemp products showing the highest potential for market viability and climate remediation. 

In other words, we’re creating hemp-based sustainability solutions for both our clients and our planet.

Why choose us?

Competitive, Fair Pricing

Hemp is worth the premium, but we go the extra mile to secure the best prices so our clients' businesses and the hemp industry remain competitive

Commitment to Quality Service

When you work with Custom Hemp Solutions, you're working with a team that's passionate about finding the best hemp-based solutions to your problems

10+ Years Industry Experience

We've spent more than a decade researching hemp and building out our global network of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers working with hemp

We make it easy to use more hemp.

We're confident that once you try the hemp versions of the products you use every day, you'll have few reasons— if any at all— to go back...

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