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How It Works

Step 1: Request an estimate

You can fill out the Estimate Request Form on this page. Alternatively, if you’re viewing this on a mobile device, click here.

Step 2: Review project details

After we receive your request, we’ll contact you to go over the details of your project. After we have all the info we need, we’ll return a quote within a few days (usually within 48hrs).

Step 3: Make a payment

When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll request a 75% deposit to begin or, in some cases, a full payment. Deposits do not include shipping, which will be calculated after the order is printed. Please see our Pricing & Fees page for more information.

Step 4: Send art files

Send us your final design files after you’ve reviewed our File Setup Guide. We’ll use these files to generate proofs.

Step 5: Wait for proofs

Digital PDF proofs will be returned via email within 48hrs. Physical proofs generally arrive within the week (physical proofs subject to availability, extra charges may apply).

Step 6: Approve proofs or update design

Once everything looks good, we’re ready to begin processing your order!

Step 7: Kick back and relax

We’ll make sure your order is printed without a hitch, and we’ll contact you once it’s ready to ship.

Step 8: Choose shipping & pay balance

Your order will ship as soon as you choose your shipping method and pay your balance.

Step 9: Fall in love with hemp

After you receive your order, you’ll probably start wondering what else you can do with hemp…

Request An Estimate

Fill out the form below to get started.


We accept the following file types:

.pdf, .ai, .psd, .eps, .jpg/.jpeg, .png, & .tiff

Please note: some jobs have specific filetype requirements. If your job has specific requirements, we’ll let you know. Please see our File Setup Guide for more information.

Due to the custom nature of our work, each project takes a different amount of time to complete. That said, most custom orders are turned around in 2-3 weeks.

Standard orders usually take 1-2 weeks and can often be expedited for even faster turnaround and delivery.

If you need your job completed by a certain date, please let us know in your initial request so we can accommodate your timeline. 

Estimates are non-binding approximate job costs. Quotes, on the other hand, are guaranteed prices that remain valid for 14 days. Neither quotes nor estimates include shipping costs.

Please note that quotes are not available on all jobs. Quotes are generally reserved for products with standardized production processes and/or projects for which all requirements (materials, labor, etc.) can be determined prior to processing.

If we cannot produce a quote due to the nature of your project, we will provide the most accurate estimate possible.

Neither quotes nor estimates include shipping costs. Shipping is calculated after an order has been processed. We’re always happy to provide a non-binding estimate of shipping costs upon request.

There is no single print provider that offers all of the paper stocks and specialty print techniques we offer our clients. For this reason, we sometimes need to coordinate your job with two or more providers, which can cause delays in generating quotes or estimates.

For most common jobs (i.e. business cards, postcards, flyers, etc.) with standard digital printing, along with any jobs we print in-house, we return quotes or estimates within 24-48hrs.

Regardless of how simple or complex your job is, we’ll always keep you updated at each and every stage of the order process. 

No. Certain paper stocks work better for certain jobs, and some printing techniques are only compatible with certain papers. This is true with “regular” paper as well as hemp paper.

We remove the guesswork and make sure that every project incorporates the best materials and techniques for the job. We’ll review all your options with you beforehand and even send samples (charges may apply — samples subject to availability).  

Please note: this concept also applies to our apparel products (i.e. not all of our apparel products can be screen printed or embroidered, but some certainly can be). 

We offer returns on pre-designed retail products from our online store. Products returned to us within the 30-day return window will be refunded in full. Returned products must be in new and undamaged condition to be eligible for a refund.

We do not accept returns on custom orders of any kind.

In some cases, discounted reprints may be available for custom orders. Please see our Returns & Refunds Policy for more information. 

Order Policies

Thanks for choosing hemp! Please review our order policies and FAQs before placing an order or submitting an estimate request.

File Setup

Following our File Setup Guide helps us avoid preventable mistakes and delays caused by file setup errors.

Preventable file setup errors include low resolution (blurry or pixelated images), insufficient bleed area (content gets cut off), and incorrect color gamut (colors don’t look right).

Print files should always be set up for the specific print job at hand because different printing methods, print products, and printing machines have different requirements for bleed, color gamut, etc.

Please review our File Setup Guide to become familiar with the file setup requirements for your particular job. If you’re unsure of your needs, you can always contact us at hello@customhemp.co to discuss your specific job requirements.

Important: Custom Hemp is not responsible for proofing your content. We will not alter the design contents or layout. We will make suggestions if we see something out of place, and our pre-press team will flag any problematic designs, but it is the client’s responsibility to make sure the design, layout, and typography are free of errors before approving the final proof. Once your proof is approved, your project will be printed according to the specifications of the approved file(s). 


Estimates are non-binding approximate job costs. Estimates are not the same as quotes, and estimates do not reflect the final cost of a project. Please view estimates as a ballpark figure to get an idea of how much a job might cost, not as a binding quote.

Final costs will be determined by materials, labor, and quantity of units purchased, all of which may change after our initial estimate. We always review possible pricing outcomes with the client prior to accepting a deposit and beginning a job.


Quotes are guaranteed prices and remain valid for 14 days. Quotes do not include shipping costs.

Please note that quotes are not available on all jobs. Quotes are generally reserved for products with standardized production processes and/or projects for which all requirements (materials, labor, etc.) can be determined prior to processing.

If we cannot produce a quote due to the complex nature of your project, we will provide the most accurate estimate possible.

Do quotes or estimates include shipping?

Neither quotes nor estimates include shipping costs. Shipping will be determined after the order is printed and packaged for shipment. We will reach out to you to discuss the available options when you make your final payment (we typically ship with UPS or FedEx).

Standard Orders v. Specialty Orders v. Custom Orders

“Standard orders” are orders that only include items with standardized production methods and pricing. These orders can be quoted with 100% accuracy prior to processing and include most popular print products like business cards, postcards, flyers, t-shirts, etc. 

Please note: not all product options are eligible for standardized pricing. For example, business cards and postcards are available with standardized pricing on three of our favorite hemp paper stocks, but business cards and flyers made with any of our other paper stocks would be a custom order.

“Specialty orders” are orders that include any item with non-standardized production methods and pricing. These orders cannot be quoted with 100% accuracy and, therefore, we can only provide estimates prior to processing. Specialty orders include all specialty print products, any products with custom die-cutting, and apparel products with custom branding (branded labels, hang tags, etc.).  

“Custom orders” are any orders with custom printing, branding, or personalization of any kind.

Product Availability

Due to hemp being a “new” market, not all hemp products are available at all times. If a quoted product is unavailable for more than 14 days, we will need to produce a new quote for your project once the required product becomes available again.


Standard orders must be paid in full before we begin processing the order. Some standard orders may be eligible for deposits.

A 75% deposit is required on all specialty orders to begin processing. We will not begin processing a specialty order until we have received a deposit. 

Deposits are non-refundable, and deposits only guarantee that an order will be processed. Deposits do not guarantee delivery of your order. Delivery will only be guaranteed after the order has been processed and the remaining balance has been paid in full.

Deposits are calculated based on the quote or estimate provided to the client. Shipping is not included in the deposit calculation. For projects based on estimates (instead of quotes), any difference in the final balance from the original estimate will be due, in addition to shipping charges, when the order is ready to ship.

Orders will not ship until the balance has been paid in full. 

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time refers to the time it takes to process and produce your order. It begins as soon as you make your deposit payment and ends when your entire project is ready to ship. It does not include shipping time.

Turnaround time varies based on the job. We can only provide a turnaround date after proofs have been approved. Turnaround times are always estimated and never guaranteed.

After proofs have been approved, some orders can be expedited for a faster turnaround time. If you need a job completed by a certain date, please let us know before we begin working on your quote so we can include options and estimates for expedited processing if needed.

Please note, expedited processing is not the same as expedited shipping. Expedited shipping options will be discussed after the order is printed and before you pay your final balance.

International Orders

We currently only accept orders from customers in the United States and Canada. We hope to expand our footprint soon.

International Shipping

We currently only ship to customers in the United States and Canada. We hope to expand our footprint soon.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies with each project. We do not have a universal MOQ, and we ultimately want everyone using hemp. The following information is subject to change, so please contact us for more details regarding your specific project.

The minimum order quantity for most standard projects is 100 units per unique product or variation. This includes products like business cards and flyers.

The minimum order quantity for most custom projects is 1000 units per unique product or variation. Some products require a larger MOQ of 2,500 units or up to 10,000 units for more complex custom projects.

Some products may be combined to meet MOQ requirements.

Please submit an estimate request for more details.

Maximum order quantity

The maximum order quantity varies with each job. Please contact us for details with regard to your specific project.

Why are there order maximums?

Many hemp products are not yet produced at the scale required to fulfill the largest orders, so some projects face periodic supply limitations. We hope our business, with your support, will help reduce and eventually eliminate these limitations over time by growing and supporting the demand for hemp products.

Please submit an estimate request for more details.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) 

We offer variable data printing (VDP) with minimum order requirements that vary by product.

Please note that VDP may be limited to certain products, design layouts, or paper stocks, and additional charges may apply.

Please submit an estimate request for more details.

Design Services

We provide a range of complementary file setup services with every order. File setup services may include document resizing, color adjustments, layout adjustments, and other small fixes to ensure your design looks great on hemp.

We do not create content or produce design elements for our clients. We focus on producing excellent printed products, and our limited complimentary design services are tailored to this goal.

If your documents need more than just a few of the minor adjustments listed above, we offer additional design services billed at an hourly rate of $100.

Please contact us for more information about our design services.


Shipping charges are calculated after an order has been processed and packaged for shipping. Non-binding shipping estimates may be provided alongside estimates or quotes, but we won’t know the final shipping cost until your order is packaged and ready to ship.

Shipping charges for most standard products, such as business cards, postcards, and flyers, can be estimated with a high degree of accuracy, but custom projects are a bit more difficult to approximate.

Refunds, Returns, and Store Credit

We accept returns and offer full refunds on stocked and pre-printed retail items such as t-shirts, posters, and non-custom items purchased through our online store. 

Returned items must not be damaged or worn, and must be in their original, undamaged, packaging. We reserve the right to refuse returns of items that have been damaged or that show evidence of being worn, washed, or used.

We do not accept returns on custom orders, and we do not provide cash refunds. 

Eligible custom orders processed with errors caused by Custom Hemp will be refunded with store credit.

Custom orders processed with errors caused by improper design layout, low file resolution, typography errors, etc., will not be refunded but may be eligible for a discounted reprint (see below).

Some specialty orders may be ineligible for refunds or reprints. We’ll let you know if this applies to your order. 

Please contact support@customhemp.co for help with a return.  

Please be sure to triple-check your files and proofs for any errors before you approve your job for processing!

View our complete Returns and Refunds Policy

Damaged Goods

If you receive an order that’s damaged, please document the damage (with video or photo evidence) IMMEDIATELY and contact support@customhemp.co. We will investigate to determine if the damage was caused in production, shipping, or after delivery.

Orders damaged in production or shipping will be reprinted with rush processing and rush shipping at no expense to the client. Alternatively, the client may choose to accept store credit equal to the value of the damaged order.

Orders damaged after the order has been delivered will be considered the client’s responsibility and we cannot refund such orders.

Misprints and Reprints

In the event that you’d like to make a change to an order (or an item in an order) after we’ve begun processing the order, or if errors are discovered after a project has been processed but before it’s been shipped, we can usually reprint the order or specific item for a 50% reprinting fee. The 50% fee is due in full before the reprint order is processed. 

Not all orders are eligible for reprints. Reprints may be accepted or denied at our sole discretion.

Reseller/Affiliate Program

We do not currently have a reseller or affiliate program, but we do offer commissions for referrals. Please contact hello@customhemp.co for more information.

Wholesale and Bulk Orders

Most custom orders are delivered at wholesale prices (for example, custom retail-ready tee shirts, custom posters, greeting cards, etc).

If you’re looking for bulk hemp materials, or if you need more than 50,000 units of a particular item, please contact us so we can assist you further.

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