Why Hemp?

No compromises. No dramatic changes to your life or business. Just better, sustainable products, brought to you by hemp.

Hemp is so much more than CBD

We like hemp because it produces high-quality products with a low impact on the environment. 

Hemp stands out as a replacement for products predominantly made from trees, cotton, and fossil fuels, not just in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of performance and aesthetics.

It provides food, clothing, shelter, and more, all without harming people or the planet. Now that it’s legal to grow again, we’re committed to helping the world unlock its full potential.

Sustainable living is easier with hemp

Most people want to live sustainably and would if it were easier. The problem is it’s difficult to find eco-friendly products that live up to the expectations set by their conventional counterparts.

That’s where hemp comes in.

By delivering the same level of quality and performance you’re used to with the added eco-friendly benefits, hemp empowers you to live and work sustainably without compromising on quality or convenience. 

Hemp Sustainability Facts

Hemp is the highest yielding fiber crop

Hemp's ability to produce more products with less land, water, and chemical processing makes it the leading choice for renewable natural fibers. Hemp shirts, for example, require just 1/3 the land and water needed for a cotton shirt

Hemp improves soil, air, and water quality

Hemp does not require pesticides or irrigation. It grows fast and replenishes soil nutrients with each cycle. It also reduces water pollution and cleans up more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees or other crops like bamboo

Hemp frees up resources for food crops

The leading driver of deforestation is farming. By using hemp for clothing and paper, we could free up more than 1/2 of the land currently dedicated to cotton and timber production and use that land to produce food instead

We don't need trees for paper

We just need to use more hemp

Hemp paper is better

Hemp is one of the oldest known paper-making materials and, despite the popularity of wood pulp paper today, making paper from trees is a relatively new enterprise.

Before wood pulp paper became a more economical choice in the mid-1800s, historians estimate that more than 75% of the world’s paper was made from hemp.

Today, with the growing interest in sustainable products, the paper industry is rediscovering this age-old paper-making material and the results have been nothing short of incredible.

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50% of business waste is paper
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More than 90% of paper comes from trees
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100% of paper products can be made from hemp

We don't need cotton for clothing

We just need to use more hemp

Hemp apparel is better than cotton

Hemp clothing is stronger, softer, longer-lasting, and more sustainable than cotton clothing.

The downside? Eighty years of prohibition left the hemp industry with a competitive disadvantage, and we’re still playing catch up.

Today, hemp is making a comeback in the fashion world as more and more well-known brands incorporate hemp into their products and even launch entire hemp-based product lines. 

Brand’s like Levi’s and Patagonia aren’t using hemp because it’s “marijuana’s cousin,” they’re using hemp because it’s outperforming the leading fabrics in the industry, just like it did for more than 10,000 years before prohibition.

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