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Custom Hemp is owned and operated by passionate advocates who are committed to showing the world what hemp can do.


Custom Hemp Solutions was founded in 2020 by Sam McBee. Sam is a lifelong hemp advocate who’s been using hemp and tracking the industry’s development for nearly 15 years. Ever since Sam was in high school, he’s been committed to supporting the hemp industry in whatever way he can.

Recognizing that prohibition was hemp’s number one obstacle, Sam moved to Washington, DC to study political science and help legalize cannabis. After more than a decade of advocacy, Sam finally decided to bring his passion and expertise into the world of business where he believes he can help more people discover hemp’s true potential. 

Custom Hemp Solutions is the natural outgrowth of Sam’s never-ending search for the absolute best hemp products the world has to offer and his lifelong commitment to helping rebuild the hemp industry.

Advocacy through action.

What We Do

Custom Hemp Solutions provides sustainable hemp-based print and promotional materials for businesses, creators, and everyday people. 

Specializing in print and apparel for small businesses, we offer custom-branded hemp products that combine the utility and aesthetics of conventional goods with the superior performance and sustainability of hemp.

By providing our clients with sustainable hemp-based versions of the products they already use each day, we’re bolstering demand for the hemp products we believe show the highest potential for market viability and climate remediation. 

In other words, we’re creating hemp-based sustainability solutions for both our clients and our planet.

Why work with us?

Our clients and partners gain instant access to over a decade of experience and insights in hemp business and policy, and our ongoing market research keeps us on the cutting edge of the burgeoning hemp industry. Plus, our global network of strategic partners helps us consistently deliver products that meet or exceed our high standards for quality and service.

The result is that, when you work with us, you know you’re getting the best hemp products available for your project.

We only use products made with hemp, but we never sell anything just because it’s made with hemp. If we come across a hemp product that doesn’t meet our high standards for performance, sustainability, or service, we don’t sell it.

What drives our passion for hemp?

At Custom Hemp, we feel a great sense of responsibility to play our part in growing the demand for hemp products and demonstrating to the world that renewable farm crops can replace the nonrenewable resources we’ve become so accustomed to using.

Now that legal restrictions on hemp have been eased, consumers finally have access to the full range of sustainable alternatives the hemp plant offers— from paper and clothing to plastic and fuel.

Custom Hemp is committed to showing the world that we don’t need to drastically change our lifestyles to save the planet. We just need to use more hemp.

We don't sell what we can do with cannabis.
We sell what the world can do with cannabis.

Our Mission

Custom Hemp’s mission is to show the world what hemp can do. This means we focus on continually raising the bar for the hemp industry while empowering our clients to reach and exceed their goals for quality, performance, and sustainability. It also means that, along with providing excellent products, we’re committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction on every single job. 

Our mission is vital because hemp has the highest potential to demonstrate to the world that a sustainable way of life is within reach. Once we demonstrate what’s possible with hemp, we are confident that the world will respond with new innovations that will allow us to thrive on this planet for generations to come. 

Our Vision

At Custom Hemp, we envision hemp leading the way to a sustainable future. We believe hemp is uniquely positioned to catalyze a global transition to eco-friendly resources and that now is the time to focus all efforts on developing this re-emerging industry. 

We believe hemp will be the replacement of choice for many of the most destructive goods and materials we use today and that innovation with hemp will create new possibilities for a sustainable way of life. 

Finally, we believe hemp will demonstrate that we don’t need to make drastic sacrifices in order to live more sustainably. We just need to use more hemp.

Custom Hemp founder Sam McBee at the 2019 Global Climate March in Washington, DC

About the Founder

Custom Hemp was founded in 2020 by Sam McBee. 

Before launching his business, Sam spent nearly a decade in Washington, DC advocating for cannabis legalization and studying the inner workings of the American political system. While attending American University, Sam founded a hemp student advocacy group and helped legalize marijuana in DC. 

Sam remained involved in cannabis policy for several years after graduating in 2015 and, in 2018, he decided to bring his passion for hemp into the world of business. He started his first brand, Potography, in 2018 as a way to learn graphic design, digital marketing, and the print business. 

In the process, Sam discovered a newfound passion for paper and printing and, after experiencing how difficult it was finding hemp-based print materials for Potography, he decided to launch his own hemp-based printing service to help others navigate the landscape he’d become so familiar with.

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