Eco-friendly apparel,
made with hemp.

Sustainable, retail-ready tees for a competitive price

Custom Hemp works with a carefully-curated network of apparel suppliers and decorators who deliver excellent hemp shirts at competitive rates. Some of our favorite hemp shirts are made right here in the US.

Eco-friendly fashion, powered by hemp...

Humans use approximately 250 billion liters of water per year growing cotton— that’s four times the amount needed to grow the same quantity of hemp.

With over 2 billion humans struggling to access clean water today, we believe this level of waste is simply unacceptable.

The good news?

You can make a difference right now.

Every time you buy a shirt made with more hemp than cotton, you’re saving enough water to keep one person hydrated for 3 years.*

Hemp makes greener clothing

Less water, less chemicals,

more hemp.

Hemp clothing pays dividends.

Hemp clothing is stronger, softer, longer lasting, and more sustainable than cotton.

The downside? Eighty years of prohibition has left the industry at a competitive disadvantage, and we still lack the robust infrastructure needed to deliver hemp fabric for the same or lower rates as cotton.

All that said, hemp pays its users back with extra years of comfortable wear, and it pays the planet back with less pollution and more land and water for other crops like food.

We think that’s a fair trade.

Hemp makes stronger clothing

Big name brands are rediscovering hemp

Stronger, softer, and longer-lasting... in other words: simply better.

Today, apparel industry leaders like Patagonia and Levi’s are using hemp in a growing number of products; not because their customers like cannabis, but because hemp makes better clothing.

Will your brand be known for using the same old cotton products as everyone else, or will you lead the way to the future with hemp?

Hemp clothing versus cotton clothing

American-made hemp apparel... now printing

Some of our favorite hemp t-shirts are made right here in the USA. Contact us to learn more

Our Apparel Services

Screen Printing & Decorating

We do the trial and error so you don't have to.

You don’t need to spend any more time or money searching for the perfect hemp apparel providers. We work with all the best hemp apparel manufacturers and a carefully-curated network of printers & decorators that meet our high standards for quality and service.

Custom Branding Services

No detail goes unnoticed...

From the hemp shirt itself, to the hemp paper hang tags, all the way down to the hemp string that ties everything together, we stay true to our brand so you can stay true to yours.

Various sizes, styles, and colors available

All of our shirts are available in black and white/natural. Some blends are available in more colors than others. Please contact us to learn more.

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Custom Hemp Solutions provides hemp-based print and promotional materials for businesses and creative professionals.

We like hemp because it’s durable, sustainable, and incredibly versatile.

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