Do you use... anything?

Chances are, something you use could be replaced with hemp— and we're confident you'll prefer the hemp version once you give it a shot. Not sure where to start? You're in the right place.

For people who love the planet and want the best it has to offer.

Our services are built for people who know they want to live more sustainably but aren’t quite sure where to start.

Whether you’re a creator, you run a business or nonprofit, or you just want to reduce your eco-footprint without sacrificing quality or convenience, we’ll help you identify, source, and customize your own unique and sustainable hemp products.

Hemp for Businesses

Business stationery, branded merchandise...

Need shirts for your new employees? Flyers for your next marketing campaign? Custom Hemp has eco-friendly hemp-based solutions for all your business needs from stationery to apparel. 

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Hemp for Creatives

Fine art prints, posters, canvas...

We’re bringing back the original art medium: cannabis hemp. Not only is cannabis paper and canvas more sustainable than cotton or tree-based versions, it lasts longer too

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Hemp for Everyone

T-shirts, invitations, & more

Finding custom printed hemp tees for your team or club can be an overpriced nightmare. We eliminate the hassle by letting you shop from our exclusive catalog of the best hemp apparel and print products on the market.

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Using hemp is good business

More than just good marketing...

Maybe you’re interested in using sustainable materials, but you’re worried about a drop in quality.

Or maybe you want to use sustainable products, but the “natural aesthetic” doesn’t fit your brand.

Whether you want to show off your eco-friendly features or you need to prioritize performance and aesthetics, we’ve got solutions that work for both your brand and your budget.

Run a business? We'll help you switch to hemp paper and apparel.

Meet your sustainability goals without sacrificing quality, performance, or aesthetics.

We do the heavy lifting. You save the planet.

At Custom Hemp, we know that finding a supplier who satisfies your every need can be time-consuming and, if you’re looking for eco-friendly products, extra attention must be given to factors like price, aesthetics, and quality.

That’s where we come in. 

Our pre-vetted network of hemp product suppliers is carefully curated to provide our clients with easy access to the world’s best hemp products for business so you can start operating more sustainably without the extra hurdles.

No Stress Allowed.

Do you draw, paint, or print your artwork?

You don't need to stop creating to start saving trees.

The return of hemp fine art media...

Many artists want to use sustainable materials, but their main concern is— understandably— quality.

When considering sustainable media, an artist might ask:

“Can you see fiber particles in the paper?”

“Is it archival?”

“Will the colors be accurate?”

As much as we love all sustainable papers, we’re particularly excited about our lineup of hemp fine art papers, which deliver the quality and color accuracy your art deserves with a lower eco-footprint than conventional media.

Hemp helps everyone.

If you want to reduce your environmental footprint in your personal life while enjoying the products you use everyday even more, hemp is your new best friend.

Green everything...

We believe most people want to live sustainably but, understandably, we have trouble giving up the conveniences provided by things like paper, plastic, and fast fashion. 

That’s why we use hemp in our everyday lives as much as we possibly can. 

Not only does using hemp help conserve the planet, but it also adds value to life because the hemp products we select are as good or better than conventional alternatives. 

And, we believe, we’ve only just begun to discover all the things hemp can do. 

Sustainable living is easier with hemp

We make it easy to use more hemp.

We're confident that once you try the hemp versions of the products you use every day, you'll have few reasons— if any at all— to go back...

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