Hemp boxes, bags, and labels are here.

Sustainable packaging, made with hemp.

Hemp is the sustainable packaging solution...

Hemp paper is biodegradable and it’s made with less harmful chemicals than traditional paper.

It also consumes less energy in production.

This makes hemp packaging safer to produce and safer to consume, all while delivering the same level of quality and utility you’d expect from traditional tree-based alternatives.

Whether you need bright white labels or pitch black boxes, you don’t need to sacrifice your brand’s aesthetics to help save the planet.

One third of trash in landfills comes from packaging.

Hemp packaging is stronger.

Hemp is the world’s strongest plant fiber, and adding just a little bit of hemp to a product or blend can improve its overall strength and durability.

Most of our packaging products contain between 30-50% hemp. This provides the strength and sustainability hemp is known for while preserving the aesthetics and performance you’re used to.

Some products (indicated below) are available with up to 100% hemp.

You won't believe you're holding cannabis...

One plant, many products...

Looking for hemp boxes, bags, or envelopes? Custom Hemp offers a wide selection of hemp packaging products and our capabilities are always expanding.

We love taking on challenging projects that give us a chance to show the world what hemp can do.

Our exclusive catalog of hemp packaging products includes:

  • Hangtags
  • Product labels
  • Envelopes
  • Small boxes
  • Gift/shopping bags (100% hemp available)
  • Wrapping paper (100% hemp available)

Better packaging for the planet

Over 90% of paper is still derived from trees, even though we can make sustainable paper products from renewable crops like hemp. Contact us today to see if hemp is the right packaging solution for you.

Paper isn't bad. Making it from trees is...

The tech revolution has not decreased demand for paper like many of us hoped it would, and almost one-half of all harvested wood is used to make paper products. 

These products are frequently used in packaging and are expected to drive demand for wood harvesting through 2060. 

Fortunately, we can start using hemp boxes, bags, and envelopes instead of tree-based products right now. 

Contact us today to learn more. 

Hemp plastic is here to... break down.

Hemp plastic is here to stay, but not in the way traditional plastics stick around.

Only 13% of plastic packaging containers were recycled in 2017.

Hemp plastic packaging coming soon!

Watch out for hemp plastics that are nothing more than hemp fibers mixed in with regular plastic… yuck!

This sort of mix is usually not recyclable or biodegradable and, as a result, can actually make the plastic problem worse.

Custom Hemp is currently building out a lineup of 100% biodegradable or compostable plant-based hemp plastics for packaging, promotional materials, and much more.

If you work with hemp plastics, or you’re interested in using hemp plastics in a project, please contact us.

Have a an idea in mind? Let's make it hempen.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve come across our fair share of naysayers who’ve doubted hemp’s potential. If those experiences taught us anything, it’s that nothing’s possible with hemp… until it is.

When you work with Custom Hemp, you’re working with a team dedicated to helping you achieve the impossible.

We see hemp’s full potential, and we’ve only just begun showing the world what hemp can do.

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We like hemp because it’s durable, sustainable, and incredibly versatile.

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