Hemp and art go hand in hand

Whether you need fine art prints, posters, or branded retail-ready tees, we've got hemp-based creative solutions for you.

Do you draw, paint, or print your artwork?

You can keep creating while you save trees.

Before the cotton gin, many of history's greatest artists painted their famous works on hemp canvas. Today, the plant continues to inspire countless creators across the globe.


Middle English canevas, from Anglo-French canevas, chanevaz, from Vulgar Latin cannabaceus hempen, from Latin cannabis hemp

Source: Merriam-Webster

Why use hemp for art?

When considering sustainable art media, we like to ask:

“Can you see fiber particles in the paper and does this impact the art?”

“Is the paper archival?”

“Will the colors be accurate when printed?”

As much as we love all sustainable papers, sometimes the “natural aesthetic” simply does not deliver the quality, detail, and consistency your art deserves.

At Custom Hemp, we use hemp paper made specifically for fine art because we don’t believe artists should have to choose between sustainable materials and gallery-quality results.

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Close-up look at the texture and detail of our favorite fine art hemp paper

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