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Whether you need business cards, branded tees, or something entirely new, we'll help you make it with hemp.

Custom Hemp Solutions was founded in 2020 to help businesses and creative professionals operate more sustainably using hemp. With our market-leading lineup of hemp-based print and apparel products and our global network of partners, we empower our clients to make the most of nature’s most versatile and sustainable crop. Founded by a passionate lifelong hemp advocate, we’re driven by our mission to show the world what hemp can do and our vision for a sustainable future. 

Our Hemp Products:

Paper & Print

Printing On Hemp

Custom Hemp Solutions offers a market-leading selection of paper & print products, all made with hemp.

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Branded Apparel

Custom Hemp Apparel

Our sustainable hemp tees are available fully customized with screen printing, custom branding, and retail-ready packaging. 

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Custom Projects

Custom Hemp Products

Looking to develop a new hemp product with all the hemp-based bells and whistles? We’re here to help.

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Switch to hemp today

Not your average farm crop...

Why hemp?

We like hemp because it produces high quality products with a low impact on the environment. 

Hemp stands out as a replacement for products currently made from trees, cotton, and fossil fuels both in terms of sustainability and in terms of quality, performance, and aesthetics.

We believe hemp will lead the way to a more sustainable future and we’re committed to rebuilding the global hemp industry by helping businesses and creators show the world what this plant can do.  

Hemp is good for both people and the planet.

Sustainability and modern luxuries in one convenient package.

Why Work With Custom Hemp Solutions?

Market Leading Selection

Custom Hemp Solutions gives you access to the widest range of hemp paper products on the market.

Highest Quality Standards

Our products and print partners are carefully vetted to ensure the highest quality standards.

Excellent Customer Service

We go above and beyond to meet and exceed our clients' expectations on every single job.

The Custom Hemp Advantage

Custom Hemp Solutions is owned and operated by passionate advocates who are dedicated to showing the world what hemp can do.

For our clients, this means we’re committed to helping you reach and exceed your goals for quality, performance, and sustainability. 

For the hemp industry, it means we’re constantly raising the bar and pushing the limits of what’s possible with the plant. 

For the world, it means demonstrating with measurable action that we can live on this planet sustainably for generations to come.


Discover how hemp can help you

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Hemp for Businesses

Stationery, Promotional Materials

Need shirts for your new employees? Flyers for your next marketing campaign? Custom Hemp has eco-friendly hemp-based solutions for all your business needs from stationery to apparel. 

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Hemp for Creatives

Fine art prints, posters, canvas...

We’re bringing back the original art medium: cannabis hemp. Not only is cannabis paper and canvas more sustainable than cotton or tree-based versions, it lasts longer too

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Hemp for Everyone

T-shirts, invitations, & more

Finding custom printed hemp tees for your team or club can be an overpriced nightmare. We eliminate the hassle by letting you shop from our exclusive catalog of the best hemp apparel and print products on the market.

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About Custom Hemp

Custom Hemp Solutions provides hemp-based print and promotional materials for businesses and creative professionals.

We like hemp because it’s durable, sustainable, and incredibly versatile.

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